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”Different kinds of media influence the perception and story behind something. I believe everything has to be near perfect sync to fully achieve the message you’re trying to get across. So, don’t do what everyone else is doing; innovate and contribute.”

Artcloud is the alias of Nick Jansen, an aspiring music producer interested in more than only the sound.

Being a media enthusiast from pretty much the start, he is into new, daring music and sound-design, being it for album-release, movie soundtracks or games; he enjoys innovation and diversity while doing his fare share in return with his own material.

Having worked on several original music tracks for above mentioned outlets, his goal is to compliment the work with a fitting audio presentation, equally stunning.

“I’m currently studying Communication International Event Music and Entertainment Studies at Fontys ACI, Tilburg. I chose this education because it combines¬†many of the creative¬†disciplines I’m interested in. I usually like to take on things myself; for instance, much of the skills I’ve gained from working with creative software are self-taught. I am eager to meet new people with the same interests as me and like to work hard at what they believe is valuable to themselves.”

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